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Equine-Assisted Introduction to Motivational Interviewing

This 3-day program will introduce you to the basic concepts of Motivational Interviewing, a client-centered method of working with others to help them resolve ambivalence about behaviour change. Motivational Interviewing is authored by William R. Miller, Stephen Rollnick and Terri Moyers and it has garnered a world-wide following of practitioners from many disciplines.

M.I. closely parallels the work of renowned horseman, Monty Roberts, whose non-violent approaches to working with horses and people has also reached around the globe. Monty’s groundbreaking work with Veterans and other first responders who have post-traumatic stress injuries is currently in science trials to identify why it is so very successful in helping participants and their significant others find their resilience and begin a healing process. Of course, Monty’s program rests upon a foundation of equine-assisted learning.

This Motivational Interviewing workshop will be of particular interest to those who are involved in counselling and other programs aimed at helping others identify their own motivation for change. It will also benefit horsemen/women who utilize their horses in service to others and want to learn effective ways of working with people who are involved in a healing process, whether the injuries are physical or psychological. The focus will be on the development of Motivational Interviewing skills and the importance of the spirit of working more effectively with people.

Simon Marrier d'Unienville - Horses 4 Hope - Monty Roberts Instructor Training Bursary Program
Simon Marrier d'Unienville - Horses 4 Hope - Monty Roberts Instructor Training Bursary Program
Simon Marrier d'Unienville - Horses 4 Hope - Monty Roberts Instructor Training Bursary Program

Course Outline

You will participate in a variety of classroom and equine-assisted activities to learn the basics of Motivational Interviewing. Because horses are exceptional at providing immediate and direct feedback, they will be effective teachers in how well you are grasping the concepts of Motivational Interviewing.

And, if you like horses, it will be a unique way of bridging what you know about working successfully with equines to the work you are doing with people! If you have never worked with horses, it will be a wonderful opportunity to learn Motivational Interviewing in a supported environment that will offer a unique perspective to being more effective with people.

The Course Objectives:

  1. Understand the spirit of Motivational Interviewing, a non-coercive approach to helping people identify their own reasons for change & growth
  2. Explore the basic, foundational skills of Motivational Interviewing that will allow you to work in partnership with your service recipients
  3. Identify the difference between change talk and sustain talk and learn to amplify your clients’ own motivation for change
  4. Understand the Model of Change and link it to the importance of developing a willing partnership
  5. Identify methods of building confidence and importance as clients move towards their goals

Course Facilitator

The course will be facilitated by Kris Robins, our special guest from Canada.

Kris is a clinical social worker and has been participating in programs that pair horses with men and women who are experiencing post traumatic stress injuries since 2012.  She has been volunteering in Monty Roberts’ Horse Sense and Healing Program and has had the pleasure of assisting Monty with the development of the program’s guidebook as well as doing numerous training events for the Certified Instructors and staff.

Kris has a deep affinity for horses and believes that Horse-to-Human Counselling is often far more effective than Human-to-Human Counselling.  She has utilized her own horses in service to others for many years and also lends her skills to other programs that utilize the healing power of the horse.

Kris is an organizational development trainer and consultant in private practice & belongs to the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers.  She teaches for a variety of Colleges and Universities and has invited many senior leaders & employees to study advanced leadership principles while working in the round pen with equine instructors.

Kris and her husband, Doug live in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada and spend most of their free time with their four-legged boys who continue to teach them about the remarkable capacities of horses. She is a terrible rider who continues to do it anyway!

The first Monty Roberts Instructor Demos in Africa

The highlight of this training will be demonstrations by Simon and Yvette Marrier d’Unienville, who will help you understand the Monty Roberts principles for working with horses and people, too. Simon is a Monty Roberts Certified Instructor and both he and Yvette are trained in the concepts of Motivational Interviewing.

Through their work with the horses, you will be able to see the parallels between Monty’s work and that of Motivational Interviewing. Through this unique lens, you will gain a clearer understanding of the value of working skillfully in a non-coercive manner. It will leave you with an appreciation for being “other-focused” and help you identify your own motivation for becoming even more effective in your work with people.

*Because you will be working with horses, please make sure you are wearing closed-toe footwear and comfortable clothing. Helmets are required anytime you are working with the horses and these will be provided at the event.

Cost, Dates & Bookings

This 3-day course will be available only twice in 2019 – 7th to 9th January and 17th to 19th January. Book now to avoid disappointment.

The course costs USD 450 (R 6,500) per person. Lunch, drinks and snacks are included.

All participants receive a certificate of completion.

100% payment is required to book your space as space is very limited.

Payment can be made online via PayPal or credit card by following one of the links below. If you would prefer to pay via EFT – please email events[at] for our banking information.

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Support A Cause

All proceeds from the event are used to fund our non-profit programs like our Lead-Up youth workshops and Equ-Us recovery program. And by taking a course with us you can help to make a difference in the lives of those in need.

The course facilitators are donating their time free to raise funds for our Lead-Up and Equ-Us programs, so 100% of your ticket purchase goes to a worthy cause.