Codes of Good Practice

We subscribe to The Independent Code of Governance for Non-Profit Organisations in South Africa.

“The Independent Code of Governance for Non-Profit Organisations in South Africa consists of a set of principles, values and responsibilities intended to guide and inform the way organisations are managed and conduct their affairs. It is also intended to serve as a standard or measure to assess performance, and guide members of governing boards, and others who carry responsibility for governance.

The code includes 8 fundamental values; 6 leadership principles; and 5 fiscal and legal principles to which signatories will be asked to commit too.”

As members of the code, we adhere to eight basic values:

  • Fidelity to purpose;

  • Altruism and benevolence;

  • Integrity;

  • Optimising resources;

  • Conflicts of interest and self-dealing;

  • Equality and non-discrimination;

  • Democracy and empowerment;

  • Independence and impartiality.

We ensure good leadership in six key areas:

  • Vision, purpose and values;

  • Accountability and transparency;

  • Fundraising, sustainability and risk management;

  • Collaboration and synergy;

  • The Board and other governance structures; and

  • Procedural governance.

We ensure good implementation in five key legal and fiscal areas:

  • Establishment and incorporation;

  • Administrative and procedural requirements;

  • NPO Act – consequences and benefits of registration;

  • PBO status – fiscal benefits and conditions; and

  • Other legislative and regulatory compliance.

Download and read the full code.