Our Mission

Monty Roberts famously said, “For centuries, humans have said to horses, ‘You do what I tell you or I’ll hurt you.’ Humans still say that to each other – still threaten, force and intimidate. I’m convinced that my discoveries with horses have value in the workplace, in the educational and penal systems, and in the raising of children. At heart, I’m saying that no one has the right to say ‘you must’ to an animal – or to another human.”

At Horses 4 Hope this is a philosophy we live by. And our aim is to use equine-assisted programs, specifically the world-renowned methods of Monty Roberts, to reduce violence and other issues in the community.

As the first Monty Roberts Certified Instructor in Africa, founder Simon Marrier d’Unienville is helping Monty Roberts achieve his goal of “leaving the world a better place than I found it, for horses, and people too.”

And our mission is to reduce the endemic violence in South Africa, and across Africa, by working with at-risk youth and young communities using Monty Roberts’ Lead-Up program. We are also working with a team of international specialists to bring Equ-Us – the first equine-assisted drug and alcohol recovery program to South Africa from January 2019.

And additionally, train future Monty Roberts Instructors across Africa to help spread his concepts further.


Horses 4 Hope NPC is a non-profit organization registered in the Republic of South Africa (2018/479203/08).
We are registered with the Department of Social Development (215-391 NPO) and the South African Revenue Services as a Public Benefit Organization (reg no pending).  

Violence is Never the Answer

Monty Roberts, the world-renowned “horse whisperer” has dedicated his life to his goal of reducing violence. And, Join-Up International, his non-profit organization, is dedicated to promoting gentle, effective alternatives to violence and force in both equine and human relationships. In 2012 Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, became a patron of Join-Up International.

“Individuals from all walks of life – business leaders, horse lovers, health professionals, prison administrators and many others find help and inspiration in the message of Join-Up® and seek to learn how to apply it in their own lives.” ~ Monty Roberts

Join-Up concepts have helped abused women and children, and their abusers, too, as well as special needs children, youth at risk, prison inmates, foster families, children and adults with a history of abuse and war veterans. And it is our goal to spread Monty Roberts concepts throughout Africa and instill in all Africans his motto that “violence is never the answer”.