Horses 4 Hope Granted Public Benefit Status

Horses4Hope - Monty Roberts equine-assisted non-profit programs

May 22 2019, Johannesburg: An exciting day for Horses 4 Hope. As a South African non-profit organization, registered with the Department of Social Development (DSD: 215-391 NPO), we are eligible to apply for status as a PBO (Public Benefit Organization) with Section 30 (Income Tax Exemption) and Section 18A (Donor Tax Exemption) status.

Whilst we applied back in December 2018, the lengthy vetting process meant a 5 month waiting period. And today our PBO status was granted by SARS (the South African Revenue Services).

Horses 4 Hope is now eligible to provide tax deductible certificates to all (South African) donors – both individuals and corporates / SMEs.

You can find about more about donating to our programs here.