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Introductory Course Module 01: First Steps to Monty Roberts’ Methods – 3 days

The Introductory Course of Horsemanship is the first step to gaining an in-depth understanding of Monty Roberts’ concepts. The modular format is suitable for students of any age (16+), and all levels of equine experience (your instructor will pair you with horses and tasks suited to your abilities).

In the new, modular format, the course is broken up into 4 x 3-day parts which can be taken in any order at your convenience.

This first module – The First Steps to Monty Roberts’ Methods – introduces you to Equus – the horses’ natural communication system, and how using Equus can build a willing, non-violent partnership with your horse. It also focuses on effective use of the Dually® Halter – how timing and consistency are key to improving your ground- and ridden- work.

This module can be taken as a stand-alone tool to improve your communication and relationship with your horse, or as a step towards completing the Introductory Course of Horsemanship.

Lunch, drinks and snacks are provided daily. Course fees include a 3-month subscription to Monty Roberts’ Equus Online University to support your continuing education in Monty Roberts’ methods. Plus several months of distance learning modules and field study (with video feedback).

All proceeds from private course attendees are used to fund our non-profit programs. Find out more here.

Learn more about Module 01 here.


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